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Our Factory Successfully Completes Factory Relocation
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Our Factory Successfully Completes Factory Relocation

Our Factory Successfully Completes Factory Relocation

August 18, 2023

  We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for SR SOLAR, a Chinese leading manufacturer of solar mounting bracket. After months of meticulous preparation and planning, we have successfully relocated our operations from the old factory to a brand-new facility, opening a new chapter in our development.


The Old Factory:



The New Factory:


Total area: 80,000M2

New factory production capacity (monthly):

Solar mounting system: 83MW

Ground Screw: 80,000 Pieces

Fence: 90,000 M


  The selection of the new factory location was based on rigorous market research and geographical assessment. We chose a larger space with convenient transportation and modern infrastructure. The new facility is equipped with cutting-edge production equipment and efficient assembly lines to enhance productivity and quality standards. Furthermore, it provides a comfortable and secure working environment, creating a better atmosphere and improved welfare for our employees.


  Through this factory relocation, SR SOLAR has laid a solid foundation for future development. The new facility will provide increased production capacity and improved efficiency, enabling us to better meet customer demands and expand market share. Additionally, the modern amenities of the new factory will offer us more opportunities for innovation, driving product development and technological advancements. We believe that this factory relocation will bring SR SOLAR greater development potential and a brighter future.


  SR SOLAR extends sincere gratitude to our employees, partners, and customers for their support and cooperation throughout this process. We remain committed to our principles of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction as we continuously strive to achieve our company's vision and goals. With a new factory and a fresh start, SR SOLAR eagerly looks forward to witnessing a more brilliant tomorrow together with all of you!

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