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SR GJ 02 PV Solar Structure Components Rail Splice

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SR GJ 02 PV Solar Structure Components Rail Splice

SR GJ 02 PV Solar Structure Components Rail Splice

This product ensures quick and secure connections between solar panel rails, maximizing the stability and efficiency of your solar installation.

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    GJ 02
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    30% T/T as deposit,70% before shipment.
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    Xiamen, China
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PV Solar Panel Installation


Solar Mounting System


10 years

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25 years





  In solar PV (photovoltaic) systems, rail splices are used to connect and join the solar mounting rails together. These rails form the framework on which solar panels are mounted to create an array.

  Rail splices are designed to securely and reliably connect two sections of solar mounting rails. They ensure the structural integrity of the overall solar array by providing a strong and rigid connection between the rails. This is important because solar panels are exposed to various environmental conditions, such as wind and snow loads, and the rail system must be able to withstand these forces.

  Rail splices are typically made of high-strength materials such as aluminum or steel, which offer durability and corrosion resistance. They are engineered to provide a secure connection while minimizing any potential movement or flexing in the rail system. 



Solar Module Rail Splice




PV solar structure components rail splices are designed to be highly durable and resistant to environmental factors such as rain, wind, and corrosion.


2.Easy installation:

These rail splices feature a user-friendly design that allows for easy installation and assembly, saving time and effort during the setup process.



PV solar rail splices are designed to be compatible with various solar panel mounting systems and rail profiles, ensuring they can be used with a wide range of solar module installations.


4.Structural integrity:

Rail splices provide a secure connection between solar panel mounting rails, ensuring structural integrity and stability of the entire PV system.



By providing a reliable and robust connection between rails, these splices minimize the need for additional support structures, reducing overall installation and material costs.



With their high-quality construction, PV solar rail splices offer long-term performance and are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor installations, ensuring the longevity of your solar system.


7.Modular compatibility:

Many rail splices are designed to work seamlessly with other modular solar components such as clamps, end clamps, and mid clamps, creating a cohesive and efficient mounting solution.



1.Q: Can I get free samples?

A: We offer free samples, but you will need to cover the shipping costs. Feel free to request our free samples for testing and checking the quality.


2.Q: What is the delivery time?

A: Our delivery time is 7-15 days.


3.Q: Do you have any MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirements?

A: Currently, our products do not have any MOQ restrictions. However, for ODM and OEM products, we have MOQ requirements.


4.Q: How is your after-sales service?

A: We take responsibility for any customer complaints (responding within 3 hours upon receiving a complaint) and are willing to assist customers in resolving any issues they encounter.


5Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: We warmly welcome customers to visit our factory.



1.Rich History:

Established in 1992, we have over 30 years of manufacturing experience, ensuring a wealth of expertise.



We offer flexible customization services with no minimum order quantity requirements.


3.Quality Assurance: 

Our strict quality control policies guarantee only high-quality products.


4.Factory Direct Sales: 

We provide exclusive low prices straight from our factory.


5.Robust Technical Team: 

Our strong technical team offers tailored solutions for our customers.


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